Mette is a multidisciplinary creative design studio spanning spatial, interior, furniture and product design.

We work with professionals involved in architecture, events, property, product development and construction to interpret and realise strong concepts and visions. Everything we do is designed and richly-detailed to encourage interaction, collaboration and introduce new ways of thinking.

Looking beyond the bare brick to plan an entertaining space with outdoor kitchen and terrace at The Courthouse.

Looking beyond the bare brick to plan an entertaining space with outdoor kitchen and terrace at The Courthouse.

Our Process

Project RevIEw

An initial conversation to understand the project to date and the nature of its development, audience and intended outcomes, followed by a synopsis of our thoughts on how to move forward effectively.

creative Direction

We find the solid starting point for the project with a creative kickstart that pinpoints and communicates the vision to all necessary parties through a well-considered project brief.

Concept Development

We translate the creative direction into tangible form, fleshing out the idea with materials, samples, models and sketch visuals.

TEchnical Development

We prepare for production by communicating the elements and specification for costing, and producing technical visuals and prototypes.

Sourcing & Specification

We make informed recommendations regarding partners, processes, methods and materials, budgeting and scheduling for final production and procurement.


We support project management and quality control through to fabrication/installation, sign-off and review.

"A special talent for looking at projects delivering solutions that satisfy the requirements from all stakeholder perspectives, are truly relevant and have undeniable integrity."
William Knight, Show Director, 100% Design

Our Infrastructure

As we develop new concepts for our own product licensing portfolio, as well as for our clients, we have cultivated a strong network of makers and manufacturers who span a variety of disciplines and materials. from carpentry, joinery, tiling, installation and decoration, to bespoke CNC, metalwork and assembly.

We frequently and happily liaise with specialists, manufacturers and contractors already involved with a project. But it’s good to know that, where a project requires it, we can call on our tried-and-trusted network.