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Food is about so much more than ingredients, recipes and products. 

It’s about creating scenes that transport us to amazing destinations, and evoke memories that uplift. It’s about bringing people together and enriching relationships. It’s about keeping us healthy in body and mind.

But most of all, it’s about reminding us of what’s important in life and how to sustain all life. And as the source of it all - fuelling our very existence - the food industry leads the way.

We strongly believe that applying design thinking to the food industry and its infrastructure will make a positive economic, environmental and social impact - as well as enhance everyday life and culture.

Through examining food culture in the wider context of the experiences that surround it - the sectors, the settings, the feelings and the frameworks - we help realise the changemaking potential of the food industry and its infrastructure by designing the products and spaces that bring it to life.

 Caroline Santos, Creative Director, Mette

Caroline Santos
Creative Director

A seasoned storyteller and opportunity-spotter, steeped in creative process and multidisciplinary design concepts, with a knack for joining unexpected dots to create more impactful outcomes.

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 Nelson Santos, Design Director, Mette

Nelson Santos
Design Director

An accomplished design thinker, striking a powerful balance of conceptual and practical to develop products and spaces with innovation, feasibility and longevity at the core.

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Our immersive design installations have been named Most Popular by 25k industry professionals attending London Design Festival.


Our proof-of-concept product designs for clients have helped pave the way to £100,000 of crowdfunding and seven-figure investment.


Our projects have been featured internationally, from New York Times and Wired Magazine to Elle Decoration, Icon and Wallpaper*.

 Nelson Santos & Caroline Santos at Maker Carousel, 100% Design, London