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In Search of Colour: Design Inspiration from a Chilly Copenhagen


We're fascinated by colour and its effect of uplifting moods and nurturing mindsets, and a recent trip to Copenhagen found us exploring the cobbled streets in search of colour inspiration.

The northerly location and chilly time of year was prime for us to experience a subtle palette of grey skies and stonework - with little sunshine, an understated backdrop for the deeper colours of certain buildings and objects, providing effective contrast to the richer shades.

What stood out to us most about the colourways in the Danish capital, however, was the sense of calm and serenity they evoked - soft and muted, and very much influenced by the city's climate and natural surroundings. Shop windows showcased contemporary furniture and textiles that mirrored perfectly the colours in the immediate street and sky around - unplanned, I'm sure - but intrinsically representative of the hyggelig concept of being at one with nature and our surroundings.

In many ways, during our short visit, the effect of these qualities in this particular urban landscape on its inhabitants, and, in fact, ourselves, seemed palpable - a sense of order, relaxation, time to spend and quiet contemplation.

Fascinating to experience first-hand the 'slow living' vibe in a city that has never lost sight of it.