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A Sleeping Noma: A Spontaneous Taste of Denmark's Forward-Thinking Flavours


Walking back towards the bridge from Paper Island in Copenhagen, we had to stop by Noma, which was well and truly shut - as is the custom of many Danish businesses to close on Sunday.

(It's part of that age-old ritual of 'time out', reflection and renewal that we are all so desperately trying to revive further south...)

 The ethereal exterior landscape at Noma, Copenhagen © Caroline Santos

Outside Noma is a grassy landscape housing all sorts of interesting qualities that, unsurprisingly, no-one was around to tell us about. The sculptures, peaks and mounds teased a real impression of the otherworldly experimentation and future-forming endeavours that are ongoing in Noma's famous Food Lab. But to this day we don't know for sure what the sculptures and landscape represent. We never did find out before they changed location for good.

 Cafe bar The Corner, part of Noma's sister eatery 108 © Caroline Santos
 Braised Oxtail seasoned with fresh pine at The Corner © Caroline Santos

Braised Oxtail seasoned with fresh pine at The Corner © Caroline Santos

Back to that night and in the spirit of 'winging it' and 'ah, sure, it'll be grand', Noma's little sibling 108 was open, as was its even littler sibling, 'The Corner', which quite literally a small corner off 108 serving coffee and pastries by day, and bar snacks by night.

With the earlier streetfood foray, late hour, and customary lack of forward planning, it was The Corner which satiated a curiosity to try at least something derivative of Noma, and it came in the delicious form of Braised Oxtail seasoned with Fresh Pine Needles (so soft!), Sourdough with Whipped Cream and a Green Salad.

A more than satisfactory snapshot of spontaneous eats, on a still Sunday night in Copenhagen.