Building Food Brand Story

Building Food Brand Story

Every food venture has a story waiting to be discovered. Developing a strong story behind your brand is vital for its future longevity, from forming the basis for consistent communication, to - most importantly! - winning the hearts of your audience.

But where to start? Here are five key questions to stimulate your brand story conversations.

1. What sparked your idea?

Think back to the moment you decided to launch your venture - it's the backbone to your brand story. What was your 'eureka' moment? Did you spot a niche in the marketplace that you could fill? Did you come up with a new product idea or new application for an established product? Are you solving a problem to do with health and wellbeing? Are you sharing your knowledge for the benefit of others?

Every starting point is unique. Consider the spark and recall the excitement that has fuelled your journey so far.

2. What are your core values?

Your brand values should permeate all communication with your audience, sometimes overtly, sometimes subtly, depending on the medium. This means your values should be clear from the outset to provide a strong foundation. A short list of example values that can underpin an endeavour - such as collaborationinnovationaltruismsustainabilitypurity - can restore clarity and vision in busy times.

3. What are the origins?

The origin of your offering is highly important to your customers, and, balanced with your overall values and vibe, can enhance the credence and authenticity of your brand.

Traditional fare from the foothills of the Alps; local mussels hand-picked from the Cornish coast; provenance well-presented paints an instant picture of long-practiced craft and quality.

Where do you source your products or ingredients, who is involved in their preparation, what specialist techniques are involved, how do they get to you?

4. What's your tone?

How do you talk to your customers? Does your offering denote a level of expertise and pedigree, which in turn creates a calm, confident and assured presence? Or are you promoting products and skills for children, where bubbly and energetic will best get their attention? Crafting the correct tone of voice for your brand is crucial to connecting with your audience and keeping the conversation alive.

5. How do you look?

Your visual identity is key to capturing your audience’s imaginations. For events, set designs and photoshoots alike, consider colour, typography, materials, props and styling when assembling a captivating visual representation of your brand. Maybe you are an earthy, urban streetfood brand where upcycling and reusing old materials would convey your commitment to sustainability and growing. Or you are in love with Scandi simplicity and forest foraging, and would convey your passion using natural wood and whites with fresh leafy accents. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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