Design thinking for food culture



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Strengthen your Brand Story
and Define Your Ecosystem

Explore the greater context and culture surrounding your brand and upcoming projects, to enhance your creative, commercial, economic, environmental and social impact.

This exercise builds on your brand story and purpose to develop its ecosystem and narrative, considering the message, audience, suppliers, stakeholders, creative influences and contemporary context. The outcomes interpret intangible brand vision into a toolkit for tangible brand experience, with your values uncompromised and your message unshakeable. 

This exercise is suited to a) food/creative entrepreneurs or b) established food-related brands, navigating a new transparent and purpose-led climate, or a new generation of management.

Really useful exercise. I really felt that this process was about separating the stuff you and your business ACTUALLY care about, from the stuff that just looks pretty as part of a corporate brochure. The process of narrowing this down and differentiating between the passing fads on the one hand, and the big societal shifts that you can really work with on the other, is vital for growth. Finally, it gives you the tools and terminology to go about building a network around you that can help build your reputation, knowlege, credibility and impact.
— Scott Dixon, Director, The Flava People


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