Blending creative with practical, the designers at Mette work separately or together depending on the project’s needs.


Carra Santos, FRSA

Creative Director
Carra specialises in creative process and concept development, often spotting the creative ‘hook’ that will support the vision all the way through to completion, and joining unexpected dots to create more impactful outcomes.

Broadly experienced in experiential design and interior styling, she has a knack for visual storytelling and engagement, with her in-depth creative concepts achieving international acclaim.

Practically, Carra is adept at problem-solving and understanding multiple viewpoints, whether client, supplier, stakeholder or end user, and as such keeps a steady hand on the project at all stages.

She is increasingly knowledgable in sustainable practice in industry and design, with a special interest in materials innovation.

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Nelson Santos

Design Director
Nelson is an accomplished multidisciplinary 3D designer, combining spatial and interior design with furniture and product.

An experienced designer-maker for over fifteen years, he strikes a powerful balance of conceptual and practical to develop products and spaces with innovation, feasibility and longevity at the core.

His design skills are enhanced by a hands-on knowledge of construction and fabrication, from carpentry, joinery, tiling, installation and decoration, to bespoke CNC, metalwork and assembly. Consequently his designs are feasible and planned to a budget, and easily communicated and interpreted by all parties.

As required, Nelson calls on his network of trusted makers and manufacturers, all of whom reflect Nelson’s superlative attention to quality and detail.

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