Our brand-led approach to product and spatial design projects means we place brand story and values at the starting point for all creative development.

We have a number of workshop sessions to help define these where required, for start-ups cutting through the clamour, or established brands freshening up for our ever-evolving contemporary culture.



Establish your Ecosystem

Through this workshop series we follow the journey from brand concept to identity to physical manifestation, to ensure an unshakeable and authentic brand experience, and that the change you want to make is continued through your business day to day.

Workshop 1: Chart the Landscape

Consider your brand values and initial direction in line with global and local needs, cultural developments and environmental and social impact.

1/2 day workshop with report + RecommEndations

Workshop 2: Craft your Story

Explore the ideal creative direction and messaging in the context of contemporary consumer trends, insights and expectations.

1 day workshop with report + RecommEndations

Workshop 3: Assemble your Toolkit

Translate your story and values into tangible form, making informed choices across partners, processes, methods and materials for a purposeful brand experience.

1/2 day workshop with 6 x weekly online sessions

All of the above can be undertaken as a custom Research & Recommendations project if preferred.