Make Space for Creativity

We support regenerative futures by designing space for creativity into the places we live and work.


We are Carra and Nelson, a creative partnership of almost fifteen years. Carra is an interdisciplinary design and sustainable futures specialist, and Nelson is a multidisciplinary designer and designer-maker.Together we combine sustainable futures expertise with engaging and practical design knowledge, to embed low-carbon regenerative behaviours - like cooking, exercising, gardening, making, repairing, learning and sharing resources - into everyday life.Our shared focus is bringing people together in creativity, through thriving environments that everyone can enjoy.

"A special talent for looking at projects delivering solutions that satisfy the requirements from all stakeholder perspectives, are truly relevant and have undeniable integrity."


We design creative spaces around regenerative activities that enable a more sustainable way for us all to live and work.Things like:

  • Kitchens designed with space to grow our own food.

  • Makespaces where we can upcycle, share and repair our belongings.

  • Places to learn and develop new skills together, like cooking, gardening, music, or craft.

  • Design-led furniture and equipment that supports creative enterprise and education.

Our projects span spatial, interior, furniture and product design, and are found within retail, hospitality, workplaces, events, and a variety of residences.Focused on inspiration and interaction, they have been voted ‘most popular’ by 25k industry professionals, and featured internationally from New York Times and Wired Magazine to Elle Decoration, ICON and Wallpaper*.

"The perfect balance of imagination, sensitivity and practicality. The entire process was so positive - I cannot recommend them enough.”

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"Mette brought a wealth of experience and an eclectic set of skills to the project. The design has received global recognition."

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